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  • Fruit Trees » Cherry Trees

    Lapin Cherry Tree

    Product #453144418
    Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
    List Price: $28.59
    Our Price: $25.99
    You Save: $2.60

    Lapin Cherry Tree

    "The Lapin Cherry fruit is large and deep purple in color with lighter red flesh. The Lapin Cherry, (la-PAHN), the french word for ""rabbit"", is a big, beautiful, dark red cherry. These are some of the largest, juciest cherries that grow on trees.They are great for snacking, and so big, one cherry is a mouthful! The skin is bright in appearance and it is split resistant due to flexible skin. The Lapin is an excellent pollinator and is a heavy bearer."

    True Nursery offers trees, plants, shrubs along with rose bushes and Lapin Cherry Tree. We have the widest selection of gardening products that includes weeding tools and daisy.

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    Bing Cherry TreeBing Cherry Tree - $25.99

    "The Bing Cherry is one of the finest commercial sweet cherries and it is the most famous sweet cherry variety. It produces a very large, delicious cherry that ranges in color from a deep garnet to almost black. The skin is smooth and glossy and the flesh firm and sweet. Bing cherries are good for cooking as well as out-of-hand eating. The flesh is very solid, reddish-purple in color, and is flavorful and juicy. The Bing Cherry tree requires cross-pollination to produce fruit."
    Montmorency Cherry TreeMontmorency Cherry Tree - $25.99

    "The Montmorency cherry is the most popular sour cherry in America and it is the classic pie cherry tree. Montmorency cherries have proven over the years to be outstanding for cooking and pie-making. The tree ripens the fruit in June and grows about 15 feet tall.The Montmorency cherry tree is self fertile and produces medium sized, dark red, cherries with good flavor and quality. Flesh is clear and yellow in color."
    Rainier Cherry TreeRainier Cherry Tree - $25.99

    "The Rainier Cherry tree produces sweet, large, yellow fruit with a red blush. The fruit is firm and the flesh is fine-textured and clear to light yellow. Fans of the Rainier appreciate the creamy-yellow flesh, which gives the blush of the skin a sunny undertone. The sweetness is what keeps them coming back for more.The Rainier has a distinct sweet flavor. It is a very productive tree that resists cracking, spurs and doubles. The tree will pollinate with the Bing Cherry. It will not self-pollinate."
    Stella Cherry TreeStella Cherry Tree - $25.99

    "The Stella cherry is self-fruitful - no pollenizer needed. It has a large, nearly black, richly flavored sweet cherry. Similar to its parent, Lambert. Expect a later harvest with the Stella cherry. It will pollinate with the Bing cherry tree, except in mild winter climates. The flesh is also black in color.It is an excellent cherry for fresh eating. It is also resistant to cracking. Tree bears at a young age. Tree eventually reaches 15 to 16 feet tall. Watch for birds, they love the Stella."
    Sweetheart Cherry TreeSweetheart Cherry Tree - $25.99

    "The Sweetheart Cherry tree is a new self-fruitful cherry tree. It produces a fruit that remains crunchy when picked and eaten. The tree resists cracking and ripens late. It is fast becoming a popular cherry tree. Because the Sweetheart is self-pollinating, it can be used in location where you would only want to plant one tree for delightful cherry fruit.Sweetheart Cherries are the last cherry of the season! Their unique taste is a spectacular finale for the summer. Stretch out the cherry season with the Sweetheart cherry."